The High Tech Burrito Story

Hippocrates once said: “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Timeless words that ring as true today as they did 2,000 years ago.


Since 1986, High Tech Burrito has tantalized people’s tastebuds and enriched their health with fresh, wholesome, made-to-order burritos.


While our initial space was small (a 400-square foot nook in San Rafael, Calif.), our dreams were bursting at the seams! We wanted to redefine “fast food” – and deliver a better burrito experience.


At 21, Founder Greg Maples served the kind of food you might whip up in your kitchen. But, he did it fast! With four stools and a counter (seriously), High-Tech Burrito was a straight-up, to-go kinda-joint. The locals loooved the fresh flavors and Greg’s unique twist on a cultural favorite — as well as the hand-crafted, customized food.


As the awards piled up, the lines stacked up! We quickly learned there was a real “hunger” (pun intended!) for a better burrito!


If you think after twenty-five plus years, we’d rest on our laurels, think again: We’ve retained the same energy, enthusiasm and commitment that made us a pioneer in the healthy eating movement.


The era of fat-laden, processed food is over. Welcome to the era of Real Food! We celebrate this every day at High Tech Burrito with a commitment to the art of real cooking — and a solemn promise to provide a warm, welcoming place where you can gather and enjoy friends and family while eating full-flavored, fresh, local and healthy food.


We believe in better food. We believe in a better world. And, we believe delivering health through delicious food is an honorable service, one that we provide with a servant’s heart. You’ll taste it in every bite.


We’ve got more than four stools now, so there’s plenty of room. Come on in and experience a better burrito. Hippocrates would be proud.

High-Tech Burrito.
It’s What’s Inside That Counts.

The freshest ingredients. The most choices.
The finest taste. Come on down and try an
award-winning burrito — one bite and you’ll
understand why High Tech Burrito really is
“a better way to eat!”