Community and Fundraising

High Tech Burrito was built on quality and that includes active community participation. Our community programs offer our high-quality, nutritious, and delicious food, all for a great cause.


Looking for an effective way to raise funds and have fun at the same time? Try the surefire way to generate interest and money for your school or organization – fundraising through High Tech Burrito. With High Tech Burrito, you don’t have to sell anything to friends and family, just invite them out for the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest burritos around. Fundraising through High Tech Burrito is easy:

Gather a big group of friends, family, colleagues, or schoolmates.

Eat at your favorite High Tech Burrito.
Collect 15% of net proceeds for your school or organization!

PTA groups, sports clubs, schools, booster clubs, and many more organizations now have a simple, fun, and effective way of fundraising. You can even make a bulk High Tech Burrito purchase from our menu and sell fresh, great tasting food at your next event! Learn more by contacting High Tech Burrito or calling our community coordinator at 707-585-5823.


Your children can eat healthy while enjoying delicious hot lunches. For more than 20 years, our nutritious hot meals have been enjoyed by children of all ages! We are dedicated to helping the schools in our communities; our nutritious Hot Lunch Program is affordably priced, ensuring that food budgets are never an issue. By serving High Tech Burrito, your school gets the same high quality  product served at our stores – freshly prepared beans and rice, lean grilled meats, fresh California cheese and of course, the best taste.

High Tech Burrito’s healthy menu selections are the perfect choice for schools worried about childhood obesity. No greasy burgers or fattening fries here, just healthy, delicious food that’s good for the body and the taste buds, kids love them!


Boosters, at your next sporting event you can be serving great tasting High Tech Burritos that are sure to please the crowds.  All of course at our great low school pricing.

Contact High Tech Burrito today to get started.