The Food Fast, Fresh, Made Your Way!

Fast, fresh, and made your way – when you get food from High Tech Burrito, you really CAN have it all! By combining the finest, freshest ingredients around with a menu loaded with customized options and unique choices, High Tech Burrito gives you the ultimate burrito experience: a filling, nutritious meal that delights the senses.


At High Tech Burrito, we know that the best burrito for you is one custom-made to your tastes. That’s why we give you the freedom and flexibility to choose just how you want your burrito. Select your favorite type of beans, rice, tortillas, salsas, and fresh cilantro, choose fresh, juicy tomatoes or dig into our chunky house-made guacamole; with those options and much more, all prepared right before your eyes, you name it and you’ll get it!

The freshest ingredients. The most choices.
The finest taste. Come on down and try an
award-winning burrito — one bite and you’ll
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